Different varieties of 9 ball pool games

Different varieties of 9 ball pool games

Standard 9 ball pool rules

In the classic 9 ball pool games there are 9 balls in different colors with numbers from 1 to 9 on the table. The game starts with the arranging of balls in a triangle in the shape of a diamond. 9 ball pool rules specify the position of each ball in the arrangement. In the middle there is a ball with number 9. The player who pockets it wins. Earlier, however, players must hit the balls according to their numbers. The order of potting does not matter, however the white ball must touch, as the first ball, with the lowest number on the table. Potting means the possibility of another blow.

Texas express

Formerly, 9 ball pool games allowed the players to do a “Push-out”. It consisted in the fact that if they declared it, they would be able to move the cue ball in a better position for the option that follows. Although according to the rules, the white ball should touch the ball with the lowest number on the table, such a move was not considered as a foul. Texas express allows you to do push outs only just after breaking up the balls. This brought significant changes to the game and accelerated it. The Texas express rules are currently the most popular and have also been adopted in 9 ball pool online games.

Variations of 9 ball pool games

The name nine comes from the 9 balls taking part in the game and from the fact that to win you have to hit the ball with the number 9. However, there are different variations of this game, which have very similar rules, but use a different number of balls. An example of such a game is six. It was probably created thanks to billiard machines, which charged and settled players not for time spent at the table, but for the number of games. For this purpose, they disposed 15 balls, which could not be removed from the pockets by themselves. Players preferring 9 ball pool games from eights, after the end of the game played the next game on the 6 remaining balls. The game itself is played according to 9 ball pool rules. Another game that belongs to 9 ball pool games is seven. It is played using seven balls, and the game ends with the number 7. The game starts with a hexagon-shaped layout, in the middle of which is the ball with the number 7. When one player makes a break, the other chooses half of the table. To win, he must pot the ball with the number 7 in the pocket on his side. If he pots it in the wrong half, the opponent wins. The game, which is derived from the 9 ball pool games, is also the number ten. In addition to the number of balls participating in the game, it differs from the 9 ball pool rules also in that players must declare which ball they drive into which pockets. Failing to hit it or placing it in a different space is treated as a foul. An extremely difficult and demanding variety of nine is the 9 ball kiss. This is a 9-ball version, in which the first ball played is the one with the number 1, and in its place a white ball is placed in the triangle. The main difference in the game is that the ball with the number 1 is hit, which is to hit the white ball, and only then the ball with the lowest number on the table.

9 ball pool online – another variation?

Different types of billiard games have enjoyed unflagging popularity for many years. It is no wonder that they have also been transferred to the Internet. 9 ball pool online reflects the atmosphere of the real game in many respects. Thanks to the realistic table and pool, you can feel like you’re sitting at a real pool table. If you want to start your adventure with 9 ball pool online, choose the application that accurately reflects the actual rules of the game. In this way, you will learn or consolidate the principles learned.

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