8 ball table and other accessories – billiard must-haves

8 ball table and other accessories – billiard must-haves

Billiards is an increasingly popular game that has been enjoyed for many years by many players around the world. It can be played in bars and billiard clubs and most recently the game has also dominated the online world. If you’ve joined the bandwagon and have become an avid online player, you’ll know how easy it is to start playing – all you need is Internet access and a computer to play on (or these days, a tablet or cell phone). On the other hand, if you want to stick to traditional methods of playing billiards, a pool table and other important accessories will definitely come in handy to become a true pool champion.

A pool table of your own vs Playing at a bar

If you’re keen on playing billiards and it’s a long-term thing, you have probably been thinking about what a regular pool table size is and where to buy one. An 8 ball table or a pool table in general can cost an arm and a leg and you would need a lot of free space in your home for it. If you have friends or colleagues who are experienced billiard players, perhaps they can point you in the right direction on where to make the right purchase. Otherwise, if you’re not keen on spending a lot of money and investing in a pool table of your own, you can always choose to play billiards in a local bar. Many billiard tournaments are often organized in special clubs and bars – you just need to find out where. This is a great occasion for a fun social gathering where you can meet with friends, play a round at an 8 ball table and have a beer whilst you’re at it.

What is a regular pool table size?

If you’re serious about buying a pool table you’ll need to take into consideration its dimensions. A regular pool table size with the appropriate ratio is 2:1. In other words, this means that the table length is twice that of the width of the table and it is usually 2.7m x 1.4m. There are other sizes available, but this one is usually the standardly acceptable size. Apart from choosing an 8 ball table or any other table, you can also have a think about buying a set of balls. Balls that are made of plastic are usually resistant to any chipping or cracking. A typical set consists of 15 numbered balls, with numbers 1 to 7 being coloured and 9 to 15 partially coloured. In addition to this, the set will also contain a white ball and a black 8-ball. If you feel that you’re still at an amateur level in billiards, you don’t have to buy the whole set – you can just buy a white ball of your own to start off with.

Other billiard accessories

Apart from purchasing a pool table of your own, it’s also a good idea to have your own cue stick. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a very expensive one. When you’re just starting out, you can buy yourself a cue that lies in the medium-low price range. Having your own cue makes a world of a difference when you play a game of billiards – gameplay will be much smoother and you’ll find yourself scoring a lot of points. Another good option is to take your own cue stick to a bar when you decide to play a social tournament. Some cues come in foldable models which is very convenient – you can take the cue apart and it will be easier to take it with you to a game.

Right Conditions for A Pool Table

Having a pool table in your own home can be fun for the whole family – and it’s a great opportunity to invite your friends around and socialize. Family members of all ages can have a go at this game or you can organize some more serious tournaments with some experienced players. If you don’t have enough space in the living room or in a spare room, you can fit a pool table in your garage or if possible, the dining room.

An 8 ball table is a popular option and you can find many people playing this game in bars and pubs around the world. Pool dining tables that are of regular pool table size are also immensely popular that come in a two-piece removable tabletop, meaning you can turn the pool table into a dining table when you have guests over.

Have a think about the cloth of the pool table that you want to buy – not only does the table need to be solid, but it should also be made of either pure wool or wool with nylon which will make gameplay smoother.

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