An 8 ball pool game vs Blackball, or British 8 ball – the basic differences

An 8 ball pool game vs Blackball, or British 8 ball – the basic differences

Traditional eight and British eight-ball pool are similar not only in name. Their gameplay and rules are also similar, but there are fundamental differences between them. They are popular all over the world. Recently, blackball and 8-ball pool online are also dominating the Internet.The history of billiards dates back to the 15th century. It is from this period that the oldest sources talking about this game come from. There are indications that it arose much earlier, but this is not confirmed by historians. The most popular varieties of billiards nowadays are much younger. Blackball and the 8-ball pool game evolved from the same game, that was created around 1900 in the United States. A set similar to that used today in blackball was used for this. However, it had much simpler rules than modern varieties of billiards.

Essential accessories

A specific set of balls is needed for both billiard varieties. Blackball requires seven yellow balls, seven reds, one black and a white cue ball. The latter may be slightly smaller than the others. A triangle is used to arrange the balls before the initial breakage. It’s a very similar case in an 8 ball pool game – the number of balls is exactly the same. The main difference is that in the 8 ball pool game instead of red and yellow balls there are bigs and smalls. They are also larger than those used for the British eight. The balls are also numbered – the bigs have numbers from 1 to 7, and smalls from 9 to 15. Number 8 is the black ball. Both games can be played on the same table, using the same triangle and the same cue sticks. So you can play them on the same equipment, changing only the set of balls.

Blackball and 8 ball pool – the rules

An 8 ball pool game is a bit more complicated than blackball. The triangle with balls is placed on the table slightly differently in both games. When playing blackball, a black ball is placed on the foot spot. 8 ball pool rules require that the first ball in the triangle be in this place. The arrangement of balls in the triangle is also different. When playing blackball, they need to be placed according to a special pattern – you can only turn the colors over. 8 ball pool rules indicate that the balls should be placed in the triangle randomly. An exception in both cases is the black ball, which is always in the middle of the arrangement. The gameplay in both games is very similar. Players have the task of potting all their balls, and then the black ball. In both cases there are fouls – for example, when the opponent’s balls are potted, the ball will fall into the pockets, fall out of the table or touch any other ball. In both games, the principle of three fouls applies. It consists in the fact that three foul games in a row cause the party to lose. In the event of a foul while playing blackball, the opponent gets two queues – if the first hit ends with a foul, he has the right to the next one. 8 ball pool rules state that after a player’s foul, his opponent can set the scoring ball at any point on the table.

Blackball and 8 ball pool online

If you want to play blackball or 8 ball pool online, you have a huge choice. This is a great way to practice the rules of both games. When looking for a game of blackball or 8 ball pool online, pay attention to the fact that it correctly reproduces the real physics of the hits. Thanks to this you will be able to practice the ability to predict the movement of balls, which you will also use when playing with friends in the bar. Refined games are a guarantee of good entertainment and acquisition of skills that are also useful in real gameplay.

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