Pool, a game for everyone!

Are you looking for immersive entertainment? If you are already bored by the games you have played so far, you definitely should try something new. It is worth opting for pool. Take a closer look at this outstanding game.


People very talk about the game of billiards using the name “pool”. It is said that billiards and pool are the same game. often people are saying about the game of billiards, use the name pool. It is said that the pool and the pool is the same game. Both are played on a special table, and require balls, and cues with which to hit theses balls. From first impressions, we may believe that they are the same games. Is there really pool and billiards? Most beginners are unable to distinguish between these two games. In playing billiards or pool, you are playing really very similar games, in different forms, in fact. In the beginning this might all seem confusing and complicating, but you will soon find that it is not so difficult once you get to grips with it. Before you try your hand at pool, it is worth getting to know some of the details that differentiate pool and billiards from each other.

Is pool billiards? Discover the difference!

Perhaps you are asking yourself the same question. So discover the differences between billiards, and the game of pool. The kind of equipment that we use for both games is very similar, but there are differences that you should know about.

Billiards and pool use different tables and balls to play. The is also a difference in the aim of each game… but how so? Surely the goal is always the same – to win! It is difficult to argue the truth of this, but winning is achieved in a variety of ways so the actions of the players will differ from each other in each game.

In games of pool, the balls generally come in two sets. There are full-color balls, and half-colored balls with colored stripes. Each set consists of seven balls. There are also differences in the sizes of game tables. The table size depends on the specific kind of game. In pool games, the most common table size is 9 ft. In typical billiards games, the standard table size is about 6-9 ft. It is worth remembering that there are pockets in pool tables.

Another curiosity is the fact that the term billiards refers to a game played on a table without pockets. Unfortunately, many people do not know or forget this, particularly in the case of beginners and amateurs.

Bear in mind that some people use the term “billiards” when they mean different kinds of games, including pool games. Still others use this name mainly in relation to the popular game Carom. In fact, the words billiards and pool are today used by a lot of people synonymously, which in many cases causes confusion in the discussion on the games. So, if we know the difference between billiards and pool, it is best to use the correct name.

You are probably wondering about the aims of the game for pool and billiard players.

In standard billiards games, of which the most popular is Carom, the goal is usually to gain a set number of points, or as many points as possible within a certain time. In pool, the goal is to pocket all the balls of a particular type, and then the end ball (in many cases, this is a black ball). However, if the black ball is pocketed before the other balls, the player who does this loses. Of course, the order in which the balls should be hit depends on the version of the game of pool being played. The most popular pool game is 8-ball, about which you will learn more in a moment.

How to play pool? Discover 8-ball, the most popular pool game

If you decide to try your hand at games of pool, it is worth beginning with the 8-ball variant. This is not a very complicated game, so you certainly be able to pick up the rules.

The game is played with 15 balls, which are numbered, and one white ball (the cue ball). Ball 8 is the black ball. It should be pocketed at the end of the game. This can be done by the player who has already potted all the balls in their set. You must remember that sinking ball 8 can result in your immediate defeat, but this is a risk only if you pocket the ball at the wrong time or in the wrong way.


Ball 8 – determining the fate of the players

The most common mistake made by players is to pocket the 8-ball before all of the balls in their own set have been potted. This is usually pointless play, as in such a situation the game ends and the opponent wins.
Defeat also occurs when you pot the black ball in a pocket other than the one you have declared. When we are left with only ball 8 to hit, we must nominate a pocket before the shot is taken. Sinking the ball in the declared pocket results in victory.

Some players do not declare the black ball pocket, if the position on the table is clear and the target pocket is obvious. However make sure that your opponent accepts this rule early on (before you start the game). This is particularly important when playing in a club at a real table. When playing online pool games, we are forced to nominate a pocket.

There is one more way to lose, which is worth knowing. The game ends if a shot knocks ball 8 off the table. Of course, the player who does this loses.

The biggest advantages of playing pool

The rules of pool are not too complicated, so nobody should have much trouble with taking part in this type of game. Regardless of the variety of pool that we play, a games of pool are really great entertainment that will entertain the player for many long hours. An additional advantage of playing 8-ball pool is that it is a growing form of entertainment. It teaches us good sportsmanship, to plan, and to predict opponents’ moves. Maybe pool is not as strategic as snooker, but we can definitely consider it to be a game that helps personal development.

If you are considering whether to play pool, make the decision now! Take a cue in your hand and start competing, playing at a real table in a club or by taking advantage of other opportunities and trying to play pool online. This form of entertainment will not disappoint, and if you are hungry for more you can always try other varieties of games of pool.

Hungry for more? Discover 9-ball!

Pool is not limited to the popular 8-ball variety. This should be where you start your adventure with pool, but it is definitely not worth ending there. Check out 9-ball. You can do this at a real table or play pool online.

9-ball pool may at first seem to be a very similar game to the 8-ball variety. In fact, these games differ. 8-ball is a game oriented around thinking and anticipation. In comparison, the 9-ball pool game is by many considered to be a shoot ‘em up, arcade game, in which strategy is not so important to game play. So, if you have already discovered 9-ball, it's time to get initiated to a higher level of billiards

9-ball: time to play pool at level 9!

In 9-ball, we use only ten balls in total. Nine are numbered, from 1 to 9, and there is one white ball, which, like in other games, is the cue ball. The aim of this game is to pot all the balls, in the correct order. Balls must be pocketed, from the lowest to the highest, the latter being number 9. The winner is the person who sinks the last ball, that is, number 9. Interestingly, what sets this aside from a game of 8-ball is the fact that a player can pot most of the balls, but if their opponent sinks ball 9 it is enough for victory. The number of accurate shots doesn’t count – what matters is who pots the last ball.

In 9-ball, as in other games, we find the term "foul". When a foul is committed by a player, their opponent may take the white ball (the cue ball), and place it anywhere on the table, at their discretion, and then take a shot. Players frequently commit a foul by hitting the wrong ball, or by potting a ball out of order. If a ball is knocked off the table, this is also regarded as a foul.

Play Pool Online

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troublesome regulations

Games of pool billiards pool have their own rules, as set down in the regulations of the various games. The big problem is that there are several organizations that claim the right to set the rules of the games. For this reason, we can find different rules for pool despite the same variety of the game being played. Most of the players play, or at least try to play, in accordance with the rules established by the WPA (the World Pool-Billiard Association) and the BCA (the Billiard Congress of America).
Pool is no exception, because the rules of billiards also vary depending on who plays and where. You can very often find “bar rules”, set by the players at a club and referring to common statutory regulations – but only in part… the rest are creative additions made mostly by amateurs.

The behavior of the players

In pool, just as in other games, you can be excluded for inappropriate behavior. This applies mainly to games at various tournaments, where everything is overseen and supervised by judges you look at everything and supervise judges. A players behavior towards an opponent, as well as their actions in the game, can be evaluated. Although unlike the case of snooker, in which honorable behavior is common and players themselves admit their mistakes, it must be said that people playing pool in clubs and tournaments usually try to follow the regulations as regards their conduct in the game.

Forbidden plays and unsportsmanlike conduct

It is worth citing some examples of unsportsmanlike behavior, which can be the basis for penalizing a player, or even excluding them from the game. These include, among others”:
• Deliberately distracting the opponent
• Moving balls on the table without striking them with the cue ball
• Deliberate time wasting
You will not, however, encounter such problems if you decide to start your journey into the game with the online version, that is, by playing pool online. Register at the site and try your hand at virtual billiards, especially if you are just beginning your adventure in pool.

Compete online. Play online pool!

You may play pool practically every free moment. You don’t even have to leave the house, and it’s all thanks to the availability of online pool games.

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Online pool games are a chance for you to familiarize yourself with the rules

Still wondering how to play pool? Pool games online are the perfect opportunity for you to familiarize yourself thoroughly the rules of the game. As you already know, there are many varieties of games of pool, with different rules depending on where you play. And, even if you have already heard the rules, it is always best to put your game skills to the test.

What to expect from a game of pool

Are you wondering about what playing pool can offer you? Why to play it? Do not hesitate, try your hand at this game and try for yourself. Don’t worry, knowing billiards rules means you will have no major problems with the rules of pool. A game of pool, like many other billiards games, guarantees great entertainment for many hours. Pool online satisfies even the most demanding players. Competition from other players in the online game is intensely gratifying. You have to try it for yourself!

Pool players really appreciate this game, and consider its benefits to be that it allows you to practice concentration and logical thinking, because strategy and making correct decisions in such games are an integral part of the fun. Of course, depending on the variety pool, strategy may be a more or less important part of the game.

Although it is hard to prove in any way, it is also worth noting that many male players believe that playing different games pool makes them age more slowly! In the elderly, the game apparently slows the aging process, because the game exercises the mind and muscles. Surprised? Contrary to appearances, a game of pool does require a certain level of physical fitness. In playing this game, we increase our efficiency and work on our overall fitness. Of course, some of the advantages only become apparent by playing the game in the real world – but surely, among these bonuses, we can include burning calories. And, contrary to appearances, in playing pool we really can burn quite a few. Even a two-hour session 8-ball or 9-ball session may require about 100 laps of the table. You have to admit that this is quite a lot.

The most important advantage of online games of pool, however, is that players think very creatively. This ability is useful at school, at work and at home. Those who play pool, and other varieties of billiards, are able to solve all sorts of problems logically. If, therefore, you value the opportunity to develop your brain cells as well as experience sporting and competitive emotions, do not hesitate to play pool online. beyond the competition and sports emotions, appreciate the development of brain cells, do not hesitate and play pool online. Games of pool are really a great choice!

Pool: start playing online

Wondering where to start? If you do not want to leave home, and are curious to discover whether pool really is entertaining, you are only a few moments away from finding out. Start your computer, smartphone or other mobile device and dive into a world of great entertainment. Run online pool and start the game. You can choose between different games of pool. First, it is worth familiarizing yourself with 8-ball and 9-ball, which are the most popular varieties of games of pool in the world.

When playing online you can decide whether you want to compete in a single game, or maybe take a chance and try their hand in the cup, in which you compete with more players. Pool online gives you a chance to compete with players from around the world. Competitions are not long - you can play in every free moment, even during breaks at work! Meet new people, communicate with them via chat, and exchange views.

An additional interesting aspect of online pool games is the option to buy new cues. The better your cue, the more precise and more efficient your game will be. You should try to make sure that, after a few victories in the virtual game, you buy better equipment. Perhaps, thanks to this, the game will be even more interesting and attractive. The more strive for victory, the more you can afford in the game.

Compete with other players, train, develop yourself. Today you can register for free on the site and test your own game of pool. Choose your own cue, win prizes and honors. To start your adventure, simply select online pool, and you certainly will not be disappointed. And remember - the online game costs nothing! Simply register at one of the services offering online games and start practicing!

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